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The Economic Power of Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians in the Golden State

New Americans in California – 2015

California has been a major gateway for immigrants to this country since it became a state in 1848 and is home to the largest numbers of Latino and Asian immigrants of any state in the country.

As a result, California exemplifies the enormous political and economic clout of immigrants and accounts for innumerable stories of immigrant success in climbing the socioeconomic ladder over time.

Of California’s population today:

25% are foreign born
50% are either Latino or Asian
25% of registered voters are immigrants or children of immigrants
25% of all businesses are owned by Latino or Asian Americans

And, collectively Latino and Asian consumers account for nearly one-third of the state’s total purchasing power!

Latino immigrants in California experience pronounced upward mobility over time in terms of mastering English and owning their own homes. And most native-born Californians have experienced wage gains from the presence of immigrants in the state’s labor market..

Source: Immigration Policy Center

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