Helping low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants acquire the tools they need to thrive.

“Because I learned English, I was promoted at my job, and now I can also help my kids with their homework.”

Success Story – Misael

Misael came from Guatemala in 1990 after his parents died to find work to support his siblings back home. Since learning English in Canal Alliance’s ESL program taught by volunteers, he has been promoted from apprentice painter to foreman of his own crew. Someday he hopes to own his own construction business. Recently, Misael graduated from Canal Alliance’s citizenship class and with help from our legal services has submitted his application for US citizenship.

Canal Alliance believes…

that when low-income immigrants acquire the right skills and abilities, they can overcome poverty and build a pathway to success as new Americans.   We accomplish this through our wraparound strategy, which offers a full range of services designed to help people overcome barriers to the acquisition of the skills and abilities they need to thrive. This process involves recognizing the diverse skills immigrants already possess, resolving immediate needs or problems, identifying opportunities for growth, and monitoring progress toward goals.