Helping low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants acquire the tools they need to thrive.

“Canal Alliance has been great because they gave me the information I needed. I’m really excited.”

Success Story – Ericka

Ericka dreamed of starting her own housecleaning business, which would allow her to spend time with her daughters after school. She quickly realized that she needed to improve her technology skills to reach her goal. Ericka enrolled in computer classes at Canal Alliance; weekly sessions helped her master Windows, email, and how to use the Internet.

After finishing all three levels offered by Canal Alliance, Ericka received a voucher to purchase a $100 refurbished computer at Renew Computers. “I’m going to use it to create flyers, business cards, promote my services on Craigslist and develop my own Web page.” she explained.

Ericka also uses her new technology skills to communicate regularly with her children’s schools.

Canal Alliance believes…

that when low-income immigrants acquire the right skills and abilities, they can overcome poverty and build a pathway to success as new Americans.   We accomplish this through our wraparound strategy, which offers a full range of services designed to help people overcome barriers to the acquisition of the skills and abilities they need to thrive. This process involves recognizing the diverse skills immigrants already possess, resolving immediate needs or problems, identifying opportunities for growth, and monitoring progress toward goals.  As a result, clients are able to acquire the skills and abilities they need to thrive as new Americans