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You still have time to self-respond and complete the census today in one of 3 ways:

Things to know about census takers when they visit your home:

For more information go to the Census Bureau webpage on Census Takers in Your Neighborhood

Five Things to Remember about the 2020 Census

  1. EVERYONE COUNTS! All people living in the US on April 1, 2020, no matter what their immigration status, gender or age.
  2. SPANISH!  Everyone can respond to the Census 2020 online, by mail or by phone and all three options are available in Spanish.
  3. UNTIL OCTOBER 31ST! We can self respond. Nonetheless, between August and October census workers will visit all households that have not responded by the end of July.
  4. WE ALL WIN! Census data is used to make policy and budget decisions to build better roads and schools, fund community programs for older adults, children, and families, create jobs and improve housing.
  5. CONFIDENTIAL!  All answers are protected by federal law and can not be shared with any other federal or local agency. Census 2020 will NOT ask about citizenship or immigration status

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