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Drawing the Lines: Redistricting Marin

The Marin County Board of Supervisors is currently drawing the district lines that will determine election districts for County Supervisor for the next 10 years. The current dividing line for Supervisorial Districts includes the Canal neighborhood in District 4 and the rest of Central San Rafael in District 1. 

We believe there is a larger ‘community of interest’ which includes more than the Canal neighborhood, representation could be improved if the district lines reflected this.    

Both the City of San Rafael and the San Rafael School District recognized a larger community of interest when drawing their maps, including the Lincoln Avenue Corridor, and portions of the Bret Harte and Montecito neighborhoods. 

Communities of Interest

While drawing the lines, the Board must consider not only balancing population numbers but also ‘communities of Interest’ defined by State law as “a population that shares common social or economic interests that should be included within a single district for purposes of its effective and fair representation.” This can include income, education, language, immigration status, and housing types.

The San Rafael City Council and School District drew areas that share these characteristics:

Testimony from residents about the characteristics of neighborhoods in San Rafael, especially those used by the city and the school district, would be helpful in persuading the Board of Supervisors to take a more expansive view of the community described aboveSimilarly, testimony from community groups about community partners and where they live would be helpful in getting a better, more representative map for the next 10 years

The Board of Supervisors will be conducting 3 more public hearings before voting on a final map. Now is the time to add your voice, and help ensure effective and fair representation! 

We have sample public comments you can use and customize to make your voice heard in support of the Community of Interest listed above.

Find more information about redrawing district lines for Marin County supervisorial districts at redistrictmarin.org

If you are a US Citizen and 18 years or older you can register to vote in the next election.

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