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Canal Alliance owns 12 units of low-income housing in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael.

Our award-winning housing program has served as an example of the potential for housing to empower a community. Our buildings have been retrofitted with energy-efficient upgrades and solar panels to offset utility costs. We are the only provider of low-income housing in the Canal neighborhood l.

With a sense of moral responsibility and the obligation to remain relevant to the community’s needs, Canal Alliance is committed to playing a leading role in addressing the challenges posed by Marin’s housing crisis, climate change and sea level rise, gentrification and displacement. Our commitment to all Canal residents, of present and future generations, is to build a community where residents can live in a dignified, just, safe and healthy manner. 

Housing Advocacy

In fall 2018, some 100 households residing in two apartment buildings in the Canal faced rent increases of 40% and 65%. The owner rescinded these increases, replacing them with no-cause eviction notices, yet the risks continue to be acute. Residents elected not to pursue litigation, and instead negotiated for time to plan for their families and another years’ stability for their children’s school attendance. Beyond that, their ability to stay in San Rafael – or even in Marin – is uncertain at best. 

June 4, 2019- San Rafael council approves renter protections

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