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Painting by Oscar Morales commemorates anniversary 

October 27, 2022

Artwork by Oscar Morales to celebrate 40 years of Canal Alliance.
Painting by Oscar Morales

We are pleased to unveil an original painting by Oscar Morales, commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary of Canal Alliance and to celebrate the paths of immigrants who are overcoming barriers to achieve their dreams. 

Oscar describes the painting as a composition of diversity and dreams, weaving in symbols of freedom and awareness, and elements of nature and peace.

Statement by the artist: Oscar Morales 

The work of an artist has several paths that branch off like the branches of a leafy tree. There are works that are made out of our own passion to express our most intimate feeling on canvas and, there are other works that we make because someone requested and who value and appreciate our art.  

That is what this work is about, which I have done with great pleasure and dedication to celebrate the 40 years of Canal Alliance, a non-profit organization whose work has helped make the dreams of many immigrants come true, providing them with a space where they can face their challenges from an unknown environment.  

This composition brings together a diversity of people with their professions, their daily tasks, their dreams, and illusions.  

I decided to place a girl in the foreground, a symbol of freedom and innocence, playing with the elements of nature that give us peace and calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the cities, listening to the sound of birds singing, looking fascinated at the vibrant colors from the flowers. Next to her, there are two boys playing soccer, a sport that is transcendent in the Latino community, and the children enjoy playing it. 

To one side of the girl, I represent myself as an artist, observing with a sensible gaze and trying to leave a mark of beauty by using magical, bright, luminous colors on the city murals. 

Behind there is a group of students, happy to be graduating and grateful for the opportunity to have had an education due to the scholarships that this organization offered.  

There is an image of a doctor, the valuable contribution that he has made and continues to make, in helping to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine and to stop the spread of Covid.  

Another of the main characters is the mother with her baby, symbolizing hope, love, family, and respect for the cultural traditions of the diverse immigrant people.  

Crowning the work is the San Rafael Bridge, an icon of the city and at its side, two construction workers, bringing progress and well-being to the families of this community.  

As with any work of art, the viewer’s enjoyment will be the finishing touch for the artist’s work, bringing a bit of emotion and sensitivity to our daily lives.  

We are grateful to Oscar for creating this beautiful piece to commemorate this important milestone in our agency’s history. Oscar is among the group of ten community artists whose work is featured in the You Are Home Mural project, located in the lobby of our building at 91 Larkspur Street. These works represent our commitment to providing a platform for local artists to share the diversity of stories and experiences of Latino immigrants. 

Oscar Morales poses in front of a mural he painted in 2019
Oscar Morales in front of his painting, which is part of the You Are Home mural (2019)
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