to continue to pursue their goals for education, employment, and opportunity during these challenging times

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Yolanda Oviedo, Senior Manager Residential Properties/COVID Response


Partnership with UCSF on NIH grant to bring critical resources to Latino immigrants

Posted: February 3, 2021

Through an exciting new partnership with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Canal Alliance will participate in the development of more effective measures for COVID-19 testing, resource distribution and vaccine distribution in under-resourced, Latino-immigrant communities.

Lauren Silver


Committed to supporting the community

Posted: January 21, 2021

As the Financial Assistance Program Supervisor, Lauren Silver oversees a team that connects community members with emergency cash payments to help support individuals and families with the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

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October 9th: Opportunities for Growth

Posted: October 9, 2020

At Canal Alliance, we are always looking for opportunities to better support the Latino community. We invite you to learn about our opportunities for making a difference when you join us in our efforts!

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September 4th: A Step Forward

Posted: September 4, 2020

Updates on our COVID-19 efforts, advocacy and policy work, and the Canal Wi-Fi network and more.

Contact Investigator Arandu Alvarez supports clients to quarantine when they have been exposed to COVID-19.


Investigating COVID cases in the Canal

Posted: September 3, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has intensified long-standing inequities caused by language barriers, underscoring challenges that non-English speakers face accessing critical information during public health emergencies.

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Were you unable to pay April rent?

Posted: April 29, 2020

You still have time to protect yourself from being evicted, but you must act NOW!


Marin Voice from CEO, Omar Carrera: Let COVID-19 be the reason we attack long-standing inequities

Posted: April 24, 2020

While COVID-19 has created challenges in public health, business, the economy, education and lifestyle, it is also a brutal reminder of the inequities that existed before COVID-19.

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DACA Renewal with Canal Alliance during Shelter-in-Place Order

Posted: April 13, 2020

DACA renewal with Canal Alliance

Canal Alliance Immigration Updates


Immigration Community Update

Posted: March 19, 2020

Canal Alliance Immigration Updates

Canal Alliance


Canal Alliance Program Updates

Posted: March 13, 2020

Help hardworking immigrants who face financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis by donating to our Client Support Fund If you have any questions about the

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