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Naturalization Interview, English & Civics Resources

September 16, 2019

Update: April 7, 2020

The Canal Alliance Citizenship Class spring session (start date April 14, 2020) is postponed until further notice. See below for online classes and resources.  

Canal Alliance Civics Classes 

Canal Alliance offers 10-week Citizenship Classes throughout the year to prepare individuals for the Citizenship Exam and the United States Customs & Immigration Services (USCIS) interview process. Citizenship classes are offered in the evenings and are taught in English by dedicated volunteers. 

USA Learns: U.S. Citizenship Course https://usalearns.org/usa-learns-citizenship 

In addition to English lessons, USA Learns now has a U.S. Citizenship course to help you prepare for your citizenship or naturalization interview. Create a free account to access the four units: 

USA Learns Citizenship will help you with the information and language you need to become a U.S. citizen. 

USAHello Classroom https://classroom.usahello.org/programs/us-citizenship-test-preparation/ 

The Refugee Center Online has a variety of resources to prepare you for the citizenship interview. Create a free account to access citizenship classes in ENGLISH and SPANISH. 

CLINIC’s Citizenship Test Guide 

This ebook provides written lessons on U.S. history and government relevant to the Citizenship Exam. It also includes a glossary of vocabular terms and discussion questions for optional self-study.  

USCIS Practice Test Video Series  

Listening to the civics questions is a good way to study for the Citizenship Exam because the test is conducted verbally. Watch official USCIS Naturalization YouTube videos to learn more about the test and interview process.  

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