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Coronavirus updates

March 13, 2020

Help hardworking immigrants who face financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis by donating to our Client Support Fund

If you have any questions about the Client Support Fund or donating to Canal Alliance, please call Emily Maloney at 415-306-0445 or email emilym@canalalliance.org.

Dear friends and allies,

The news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it spreads throughout the country has been frantic, confusing, and a source of anxiety for many people. As a community-based organization that serves some of Marin County’s most vulnerable residents, Canal Alliance takes seriously our role to continue providing services while also acting as a critical bridge for communication with the immigrant community in Marin.

The potential risks of this viral pandemic to our clients cannot be overstated. During times of crisis, clients rely on Canal Alliance for assistance and accurate information. Some clients do not have health insurance, and many face the prospect of lost wages because their employers do not provide paid time off. Wage loss can have devastating effects on low-income families, resulting in the inability to pay rent or utilities, or to purchase groceries or other essential household items. Hunger can increase for families who already face food instability. Also, while the recently announced school closures in Marin present challenges for all families, these challenges are greater for low-income families – parents may need to stay home (facing further wage loss) to provide child care, children who rely on meals provided at school may go hungry, and children who lack home access to the internet may be unable to keep up with their peers academically.

Donate to our Client Support Fund

To ensure that clients have access to resources and information, and to support clients who are experiencing loss of wages, Canal Alliance has established a Client Support Fund. Your donation to this fund will support clients and families who face financial challenges during this crisis. Funds will be made available to families who need support to purchase groceries, to pay their rent or utilities, or to pay expenses for other urgent needs.

At the same time, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our clients, volunteers, staff and partners. We value keeping everyone safe, providing accurate resources and information, and being a source of calm during the panic.

With these goals in mind, we wanted to share some of the actions that Canal Alliance is taking to help protect our community, and to invite you to support our efforts.

What we are doing

Other ways you can support vulnerable communities at this time:

As this situation evolves, we are closely monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Marin County Department of Public Health. We will continue to rely on their recommendations and expertise to inform our planning and decision-making. We will share critical updates on our website, via our newsletter, on social media, and through targeted emails to clients and the community.

Canal Alliance is grateful to serve as a trusted messenger in the community. With your support, we play a crucial role in serving the immigrant community during times of crisis. Our priority at this time is to continue providing services to the community to the extent possible, and to serve as a critical bridge of communication for Latino immigrants.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure that Latino immigrants remain healthy and financially secure during this challenging time.

Muchísmas Gracias,

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