Emergency response teams connect with communities

April 11, 2022

Firefighter at Picklweed
The San Rafael Fire Department at the Canal Community Fair at Pickleweed Park

When Marin County was faced with an entirely new type of emergency – Covid-19 – they turned to community-based organizations (CBOs) like Canal Alliance who have deep relationships with and services supporting the most vulnerable communities. What has emerged is a new model for emergency preparedness countywide: Community Response Teams. 

Four teams have been created countywide, representing San Rafael, Novato, West Marin, and Southern Marin. Canal Alliance joined the Canal Outbreak Response Team in 2020, a coalition that included schools, public agencies, and other community-based organizations. The team supported the Canal community to reach one of the highest vaccination rates in the county.

Since 2021, the team has focused on strengthening public health infrastructure and the community in face of broader public health threats and emergencies, including fire, flood, air quality, or earthquake as the San Rafael Community Response Team

“The team is effective because so many agencies with strong ties to the communities they support have a seat at the table,” explains Rose Costello, Civic Engagement Senior Manager. “We can take what we learned from our coordinated Covid-19 response and help reach vulnerable communities with information about emergency preparedness on all fronts, including wildfires and flooding.”

The Rafael Community Response Team meets bi-weekly to troubleshoot, collaborate, and coordinate.

What can you do to be prepared?

Sign up for Nixl. Alerts for traffic, weather, community events, and more.

Sign up for Alert Marin: Receive alerts for emergencies and natural disasters.

Who is represented on the San Rafael Community Response Team?
Bay Area Community Resources
Canal Alliance
City of San Rafael
City of San Rafael Fire Department
City of San Rafael Office of Emergency Services
Community Action Marin
Marin Asian Advocacy Project
Marin Center for Independent Living
Marin Community Clinics
Marin Health and Human Services
Marin VOAD
Multicultural Center of Marin
Parent Services Project
Salvation Army
San Rafael City Schools

Where are Marin’s Community Response located?
There are four zones in Marin County: San Rafael, Novato, West Marin, and Southern Marin.

Marin County district map.
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