“You Are Home” Mural Installed

March 6, 2019

Canal Alliance is proud to announce that the inspiring new mural “You Are Home” has been installed in our open lobby space at 91 Larkspur Street.

The mural is a collaboration of 10 community artists that applied to contribute to the installation to visually express aspects of the mission of the Canal Alliance, and the immigrant experience: celebration of diverse cultures, the aspiration and courage of newcomers, the difficulty and hard work required to achieve a secure place in a new land, to join and contribute to the value and vitality of that new home.

Sponsored by Canal Alliance, Marin Open Studios and Storek Studios/Architecture, the mural will be a prominent feature in the lobby, which is located in the heart of San Rafael’s Canal district and is visited by more than 4,000 community members each year.

This year, the mural will also be included in the 26th annual Marin Open Studios Tour on May 4, 5, 11 and 12.

Mural artists include: Isidoro Angeles, Tracy Eastman, Kathleen Edwards, Ernesto Hernandez, Guillermo Kelly, Oscar Morales, Eustorgia Sol Navarrete with David Guerrero, Carlos Ortega, Lynn Sondag and Cynthia Tom

Artists, Guillermo Kelly, adding the finishing touches to his mural contribution.
Guillermo Kelly, one of the contributing artists, adding the final touches to the installed mural at Canal Alliance’s 91 Larkspur Street office. Photo courtesy of Amy Hart
Mural installed in Canal Alliance main lobby.
The 240 square foot mural is installed in the main lobby and entry space of Canal Alliance. Photo courtesy of Amy Hart
Inspirational mural contribution from Kathleen Edwards.
Mural contribution from Marin County artist, Kathleen Edwards. Photo courtesy of Amy Hart
University Prep student working on the panel that connects the work of two contributing artists.
Students in Canal Alliance’s UP! (University Prep!) program contributed to the smaller panels that connected each of the artists work. Photo courtesy of Amy Hart
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