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Omar Carrera of San Rafael’s Canal Alliance wins a North Bay Business Journal Nonprofit Leadership Award

December 15, 2020

North Bay Business Journal article by: Omar Carrera

Omar Carrera, CEO Canal Alliance
Omar Carrera, Canal Alliance CEO

I am a strategic thinker and social entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience in business operations management in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Prior to accepting the position of CEO, I served for six years as associate executive director at Canal Alliance, overseeing the planning, management and evaluation of our programs and operations.

Before that I worked in a wide range of roles throughout the organization. As a result, I’ve become intimately familiar with the opportunities, challenges and needs facing Latino immigrants in Marin County, and I’ve deepened my understanding of the goals and impact of Canal Alliance’s business model.

As a first generation American, I am also and strong advocate for equity and human rights. Because of my experience immigrating to the United States from Ecuador in 2003, I bring a fresh perspective on the challenges facing immigrants, as well as on the huge economic potential that immigrants represent for our community and our country.

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