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Meet our new Volunteer Coordinator: Valeria Gonzalez-Rodriguez

January 8, 2020

Q: What’s a day in the life of Canal Alliance’s volunteer coordinator like?

I learn something new from my colleagues and the volunteers every day. People from Marin County and surrounding counties and cities reach out to me daily about getting involved with Canal Alliance. I make sure we get them started as soon as possible. I’m often in touch with our program supervisors and working together to engage volunteers and make sure we’re meeting the needs of all our programs.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being our volunteer coordinator?

It’s inspiring to be surrounded people who care deeply about their community and want to dedicate time to helping others. Also, I’ve enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life including our volunteers and people that benefit from our programs.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face?

The only challenge I can think of is that we have so many wonderful services and programs, not everyone who volunteers at Canal Alliance knows about them. I’m still learning about all the great work my colleagues and volunteers are doing every day. Most people (like myself before I starting to work at Canal Alliance) don’t know just how much we do.  I encourage everyone to take a look at our website and check out our services and volunteer opportunities to learn more. You can also reach out to me any time and I would be happy to tell you more about our work.

Q: What are some of the benefits of volunteering? 

Q: Why do you think volunteering is important?

I started volunteering when I was 14 as a way to help my community and learn. I haven’t stopped volunteering since then. For me, it has always been a way to make meaningful connections, bring ideas to life and to challenge myself all while helping others.

Q: What does working at Canal Alliance mean to you?

I love being part of an organization that is helping Latino immigrants and their families. I’m happy to be in a position that that combines my professional experience with my desire to help others. I have learned first-hand the value and importance of educational opportunities, social services and legal services for my community. I’m honored to be part of an organization that is helping Latino immigrants succeed in life.

Q: What are some ways people can get involved now?

Right now, we have the following opportunities:

Review job descriptions and apply here: https://canalalliance.org/get-involved/volunteer/

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